Downsizing Guidance For Seniors & Retirees

Moving is stressful at any age; but as you become older, it can prove to be a monumental task. When you have lived in a home for a number of years, there is a lifetime of memories that have been accumulated. Those memories come in the form of pictures, keepsakes, furniture and antiques, handed down from generation to generation. With so many family “treasures” in your current home, you really need the help of a firm like Smooth Transitions. We know how important these things are in your life. We can help you sort through them and determine whether there is room in your next dwelling for them, or whether they need to be included in the estate sale. We have the experience to ensure that if they go into the list for the estate sale, we can help you price the items correctly.

The thought of moving into smaller quarters can be pretty stressful for most of us. Having to sort through collectibles and memories adds to that stress. Honestly, it is far better to have someone come in who can help evaluate the new space and determine which current home items fit and which ones don’t. Not only do we go through the list of current assets, we recommend new assets in the event we find that your current furniture, pictures and home items aren’t the best fit for the space you are going to be moving into. As tough as it is to say, you know you cannot take it all with you.

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Smooth Transitions of North Georgia is here to help! With our free consultations, we can give guidance to you and your family members when that is all you need. Or, we can help with the entire downsizing process. We can work with you by going through each item in your home to determine what will fit in your new space. Sometimes photographs of certain areas of your home or of special items can help in replicating that “look” in your new place.

At Smooth Transitions of North Georgia, we realize that each situation is unique as you are. And, for out-of-town family members, we provide peace of mind that someone is coordinating your family member’s affairs with the personal attention you would give.