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When your move involves the passing of a loved one, or the need to downsize aging parents into a smaller living space, our team can help. We offer a comprehensive set of estate services that offer you a turn-key solution to the problem. We assist with everything from setting up estate sales to creating an actual downsizing plan. We will select an auction firm to handle the actual estate sale. We will serve as the liaison between your family and the estate sale vendor so you don’t have to do anything, other than grant your approval to move forward with the sale.

Attorneys, trustees, and executors have the responsibility to inventory, manage, and sell the property of an estate. We step in and coordinate the entire project by partnering with families to make this process simple and far less stressful. Our approach is to offer a turn-key program that ensures that every step of the process is handled for you. We will identify any experts that may be needed, then hire those experts on your behalf to ensure that every step of the process is handled in a professional manner.

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  1. Creation of an inventory of personal items.
  2. Organization of documents with safe disposal of unneeded ones.
  3. Management of the sale of personal property through estate sale or auction.
  4. Management of transporting items to new owners.
  5. Coordination of the distribution of personal property to beneficiaries.
  6. Preparation of the home for sale.